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- ADPRIMAS (Automated Data Privacy Management Solution) is a product designed to guide and assist your company in providing assessment, online training courses, and severity reports for your employees about the Data Privacy Law.

- ZoneAlarm Extreme Security is an entry-level solution that protects mobile phones and PCs or desktops from various cyber threats.

- Harmony Endpoint is a comprehensive endpoint solution that lets companies manage all devices with its automated attack detection, investigation, and remediation tasks.

- Unified Endpoint secures data and networks while preventing advanced threats to said mobile and PC devices.

- Managed Firewall is a service that configures, upgrades, and monitors company’s firewalls. It prevents network downtime from infrastructure compromise or failure.

- Harmony Email & Office is a complete protection for cloud email & productivity suites such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace against phishing attacks, malwares, data theft, and account takeovers.

- DDoS Protect protects businesses that are operating on networks and web services from attacks that prevent websites from functioning correctly.

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